News: Anna

Anna, the gorgeous boxer belonging to PAT Chair Dr Marieanna le Roux is currently starring on Regal Health's website Success Stories. Her full story is below:

Anna's Success Story

"Anna was 8 weeks old and the smallest in the litter of eight when we got her from a breeder in Gordon’s Bay.

When Anna was about 18 months old we had a burglary at our house. All the noises from people shouting, our neighbour’s dogs barking, strangers from the security company and police coming onto our premises really frightened her. Our vet prescribed something to help her get over her subsequent anxiety. At that time she was too scared to walk through a door with glass panels.

Although she passed her assessment as a therapy dog, I still had to work with her. After we had the meeting with you on 12 May 2016, I decided to try the Stress & Anxiety Remedy for a while. She slowly improved, and eventually she was so much better that we could even attend a workshop with other dogs in Worcester. We even visit the Regal Pet Health offices in Muizenberg where she enjoys all the attention.

Recently we were without the Stress & Anxiety Remedy for two days and she suddenly started digging holes in our garden again. She is now back on the remedy and no more digging since!"

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